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Abortion Pill Side Effects On Breastfeeding

Abortion Pill Side Effects On Breastfeeding

Quick Answer Can I take the abortion pill while breastfeeding? The answer is: This is a specialized medical question that must be answered only by your doctor. Your OB/GYN will be able to answer your questions regarding breastfeeding and taking the abortion pill, as...
Abortion Pill Side Effects On Infertility

Abortion Pill Side Effects On Infertility

Having an abortion, especially a medical abortion, won’t usually affect your chances of becoming pregnant or carrying out future pregnancies to term. According to the FDA, the Abortion Pill medications are not considered harmful to future fertility, but their effects...
Estas embarazada y no sabes que hacer?

Estas embarazada y no sabes que hacer?

Si estas embarazada y no sabes que hacer, haz llegado a el lugar correcto. Un embarazo que no es planeado es una situación difícil para todas las mujeres. Este embarazo viene acompañado de estrés, ansiedad, y muchas preguntas acerca de las decisiones que surgen...

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White Rose Women's Center is a non-profit organization assisting women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. White Rose Women's Center offers confidential and free counseling about pregnancy, adoption and abortion. Centers are located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in Texas.

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