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You’ve made it past the first few months, have maybe gotten over your morning sickness, and are even starting to show the start of your baby bump.

What next?

It’s good to know some tricks to improve your pregnancy experience and have ideas of things to be doing during the middle portion of your pregnancy. Here are some pregnancy tips for the second trimester to help get you started!.

Tip #1: Use moisturizers to help with stretch marks.

It’s in the second trimester that your baby bump starts to become more prominent. Your body will experiences other changes as well, most notably your breasts growing in size (they can get stretch marks as well). It’s nearly impossible to avoid getting stretch marks altogether by the end of your pregnancy, but moisturizing can help with dry skin and can help reduce the size or severity of stretch marks.

Try applying cocoa butter, Shea butter, or other kinds of natural lotions a few times a day to the areas that endure the most strain during pregnancy: your torso, sides, breasts, thighs, and buttocks.

Tip #2: Use more natural hygiene and beauty products.

Make sure the products you are using for personal grooming and hygiene use are safe for you and the baby during pregnancy. Check the label on beauty and hygiene products for toxic chemicals that you should avoid during pregnancy.

Try out more natural-based or organic skin care products instead of using chemically-infused cleaners and creams. There are lots of options out there for products that are smart and safe to use for pregnant women!

Tip #3: Get some more comfortable shoes.

With pregnancy changes are fun things like feet and hand swelling along with a list of ailments. Don’t suffer through more pain and discomfort. Buy some new shoes in a bigger size! Your feet will probably be hurting anyway as you get further along and undergo more changes and strains, so why make life harder for yourself by wearing shoes that don’t fit anymore? Get something comfortable and with good support!

Tip #4: Try sleeping on your side.

The further along you are in the pregnancy, the harder it can be to sleep through the night. Heartburn, back pain, sore muscles, and other factors can all contribute to “pregnancy insomnia.”  Your sleep position isn’t the only thing that affects how restful your night is.

Sleeping on your side (especially your left side) is typically more comfortable and also is a good position to provide better blood flow to the baby. Try putting bending your legs and putting a pillow between your knees and use other pillows to support your upper body or abdomen as needed.

Tip #5: Join a child birthing class.

Child birthing classes are a great way for you and your partner to mentally and physically take steps to prepare for delivering a baby. From the popular Lamaze classes as well as others, talk your doctor or friends and family with kids to get feedback and recommendations on classes and local instructors. You can probably check at a local pregnancy center for more information on local child birthing classes and other resources in your area.

Tip #6: Prep for the baby’s arrival.

Stock and decorate your nursery, buy the proper necessities and clothes and get your home ready to accommodate a tiny human in just a few months time. This pregnancy tip is best done in the second trimester so that you have time and energy to get everything ready before you start your third trimester.

At this point in your pregnancy, you should be past the morning sickness stage (if you had one) but before the stage where you can’t tie your own shoes. From stocking up on diapers to thinking of baby names, do as much as you can during the second trimester!

Tip #7: Eat more fiber.

To prevent constipation and other blockages, try staying hydrated with more fluids and eating foods with high fiber content, such as fruits and veggies. Engaging in mild exercise for about half an hour a day can also help prevent constipation during pregnancy and can help keep your blood flow and energy levels up.

Tip #8: Look for a good pediatrician.

By this point, you should have made several visits to your OB or midwife regarding the progress of the pregnancy and birth itself, but you need to start planning now for what comes next. Search for a pediatrician that you are comfortable with and who shares your views on things like breastfeeding or child immunization. See what your insurance provider will cover and ask your doctor or friends with kids if they have any recommendations.

Tip #9: Eat healthily and exercise.

Eating healthy and exercise is as important as ever during pregnancy. Having a balanced diet to ensure your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs to keep you healthy and nourish a growing fetus is crucial.

Being disciplined in simple things like eating right and staying active can positively impact your mood and can help lessen other pains and negative side effects that come with being pregnant. Just be careful not to strain yourself or exercise too much the further along you get in your pregnancy.

Tip #10: Treat yourself.

Even though nine months can fly by for some people, that’s not what it usually feels like when you’re pregnant. Take time for self-care and relaxation before the baby’s arrival. If you and your partner want to travel before the birth, now is the best time to do it (though consult your doctor before flying). Get a massage to soothe any soreness and swelling your body is experiencing (but make sure the masseuse is trained in how to work with pregnant women).

You’re halfway through your pregnancy!

We hope these pregnancy tips for the second trimester help you during this part of your journey.

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