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Pregnancy during the Third Trimester

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A newborn is considered full-term once it has developed for 38 weeks.

The weeks leading up to that point are the final stages of growth. After 26 weeks, the unborn child exercises its muscles by kicking and stretching. The bones are fully developed and the brainwaves resemble those of a fully-developed baby.

​Between 34 – 36 weeks, the eyes begin to open when the unborn baby is awake and close when he or she sleeps. It weighs between 5 to 6 pounds and measures between 16-19 inches long.

If the baby should be born prematurely, the chances of survival are excellent, although the newborn might need special care.

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White Rose Women's Center is a non-profit organization assisting women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. White Rose Women's Center offers confidential and free counseling about pregnancy, adoption and abortion. Centers are located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in Texas.

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