Dallas Abortion Help

Free Pregnancy Confirmation & Information on Abortion

White Rose Services

If you are considering abortion, find free Dallas abortion help at White Rose Women's Center.

  • FREE pregnancy test—results while you wait.
  • FREE and confidential counseling
  • ​Information on Abortion procedures
  • ​Free Ultrasound for qualified clients
  • ​Referrals for prenatal care
  • ​Clinic referrals
  • ​Post-abortion guidance
  • ​Referrals for safe and effective family planning
  • ​Adoption referrals
  • Abortion alternatives
Dallas abortion help
Dallas Abortion Help  - Free Pregnancy Tests
Dallas Abortion Help - Right To Know
Dallas Abortion Help - Free Services
Dallas Abortion Help

As you weigh your pregnancy options, don’t be misled by false or inaccurate information about fetal development and abortion procedures.

Come visit our compassionate counselors who will assist you through this difficult experience. We will provide you with accurate information about pregnancy and abortion and will help you make the right choice. Our services are provided at no financial cost to you. 

Call us for help. All visits are confidential. No appointment required. Free services.

(214) 821-6292 on Central Expy. or (214) 221-7711 on Greenville Ave.

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