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Abortion-Pregnancy: Stages of Pregnancy: First, Second, and Third Trimester

Pregnancy begins at fertilization when the male sperm enters the female egg. From the start, the unborn child has its own unique set of of DNA—half from its father and half from its mother. This DNA is the blueprint for all the genetic traits the unborn child will have, from its gender to the color of its hair.

Pregnancy is divided into three segments known as trimesters. They are used to chart the unborn child's stages of healthy growth & development.


 Abortion-Pregnancy: Knowing your Options With Parenting, Adoption, Abortion...

Abortion-Pregnancy: Different Types of Abortion

Abortion-Pregnancy: Abortion Recovery

Having an abortion can be an emotionally traumatizing experience. After an abortion, many women have feelings of guilt, regret, emptiness, loneliness, and grief. Some experience serious psychological effects such as depression, lowered self-esteem, sexual dysfunction, substance abuse, and even suicide. While some of these feelings surface immediately, others may come later after a second pregnancy or the anniversary of the abortion. Click here to learn more about abortion recovery.

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